Applewood Computers Accounting System

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Description:   ACAS contains Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers (Accounts Receivable, Payable and General Ledgers) as well as Stock Control (Inventory Control) along with IRS (Incomplete Records System).This system is written in COBOL and uses Open Cobol which compiles via C code and is therefore compatible with the following platforms: Linux, Unix, Dos, Mac OSX, Windows providing you have installed the gcc C compiler or an equivalent as well as OC (Open Cobol) at a minimum v1.1. It also is working with OC v2.0.n.Current version only utilises standard Cobol flat files be they sequential or indexed. A later version will offer additional support for Oracle and Mysql, etc as soon as I can find a installable free version of Oracle that includes Pro*Cobol. If anyone know what version and from where a suitable release is, please send an email to the programmer. Operates under all platforms that can support the GCC compiler, eg, Linux, Unix, Mac, Windows, Dos. Work for any currency for businesses with a turnover less than 10 million per annum allthough it can be changed to support larger values.Addit

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